Maika Inc - Leadership - Wallingford, CT
Maika Inc - A Local Support Group for Women and Children

Executive Board
Volunteers elected for a one year term, involved in day to day operation of the organization, meet once every month.

Advisory Board
Includes community leaders who are experts in certain areas such as, legal, financing, counseling, health etc. Contacted as needed.

Outreach Committee
Includes community members who can reach out to the local groups and individuals to assess needs and promote awareness of Maika services.

General Membership
Includes community members who are well connected and provide access to multiple community resources to serve Maika client needs.

Executive Board Members

President                            Kishwer Zaidi                 
V. President                        Nettie Parker          
V. President                        Navin Maswood
Treasurer                            Shamshad Sheikh
Secretary                            Ellen Salzman-Fiske 
Advisory/Supporting Members   

Immigration Lawyer              M. Riaz Musani
Psychiatrist                           Farzana Begum
Family Therapist                   Saleha Qureshi
Design Coordinator                Maria Cheema
Logo designer                        Shamila Zuberi                              

Fundraising Coordinator

Irfan Ahmed

All executive monthly meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month.

Board of Trustees

Kishwer Zaidi
Syedah A. Zaidi
Alpa Patel

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