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Maika, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer-run, non-sectarian organization established in 2010 for survivors of domestic violence and abuse from immigrant communities, especially those from South Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds.

Maika, Inc. is managed by educated, multilingual, multicultural volunteers from the local community in the state of Connecticut. We are currently assisting South-Asian and Middle-Eastern clients but are ready to help women and children across all , ethnicity, backgrounds and religions. Our focus is to provide all local safe shelters and/or transitional housings to the survivors of domestic abuse and to assist with language and communication issues.

All cases are handled with respect, sensitivity and confidentiality. The identity of our clients are not revealed or discussed in the community.

To join our organization as a volunteer or support member, please send us your areas of expertise (law, strategy and policy, fundraising, outreach, educational skills, information technology etc.) at

Our executive committee members will review your skill-sets and contact you.

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